Thursday December 18 , 2014
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Exterior Service

Exterior Coating Service

We use a space age clear coat sealant that is far better than anything on the market.

From top to bottom, this coating can be applied to any boat. It is a proven product with testing.

The product flash dries into a hard protective shell. It will not discolor paint or gelcoat like many waxes.

It resists black streaks, and makes water bead up on any surface. It is also detergent proof and keeps the salts out from chalking your fiberglass, and pitting your aluminum.

It CAN be applied to your nonskid decks to protect from UV, while keeping a non stick surface for blood and dirt.

Simply put, No product is better.



Extreme water beading and self cleaning on all aluminum and metals.






Exterior Polishing Service

We perform a multi step compounding and polishing system on your boat or yacht.

It offers you the highest shine on your gel coat or paint possible with no damage.


  • First step is a heavy cut compound to level the paint or gel coat. That produces a flawless shine and cuts through years of oxidization
  • Polishing follows compounding with several grades of polish. Starting with medium cut all the way down to the¬†finest grit available, with several grades of pads.
  • Your boats surface then gets a state of the art sealant.




As the Summer continues you want to maintain your vessel in it's Pristine Condition. Quigley NJ Marine Detailing offers routine service programs, available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-demand. The following services are standard, and can be expanded by request to accommodate any particular requests.


Our weekly washing, monthly waxing program is highly recommended

  • We Highly recommend a weekly keep up on your boat throughout the summer, wax and wash.
  • Completely wash boat.
  • In water hull washing and waxing with floating dock (optional)
  • Wash and chamois-dry your boat from the rub rail up (including the transom)
  • Vinyl seats are cleaned and dressed
  • Decks and fish boxes cleaned, sanitized

Interior services can also be added on.

Additional services may be added at your request

Monthly Waxing Highly Suggested

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